Archives for September 26, 2007

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

Y Tu Mama Tambien is being hyped as a "teen movie" for the arthouse crowd.Having seen it, I can say this without any doubt: while it is about teenagers, it is definitely not for teenagers.This is serious, and dangerous, artmaking — a story of two adolescent boys whose journey of sexual recklessness becomes a metaphor for political corruption in Mexico. The film contains some extremely explicit scenes of their lustful misbehavior. And while I think it goes too far in portraying realistic l … [Read more...]

“The Iraq war calls for some serious rethinking by Christians…”

David P. Gushee at Christianity Today considers "Our Teachable Moment." This month the President will receive reports from commanders in the field about whether the troop surge in Iraq is accomplishing its goals. Until now, he has resisted calls to reconsider his strategy or to begin a withdrawal, despite eroding public support for the war.Such deep public distress about the war makes this a teachable moment for all of us, as Christians and as Americans. It's not enough to find a way out of … [Read more...]

The Kindlings Muse on “Ratatouille,” “Bourne,” “King of Kong,” “This is England,” and More

Here it is, the first show of a new monthly podcast from The Kindlings Muse:A conversation between Dick Staub, Greg Wright, Jennie Spohr, and me about the best films we've seen in recent months, and the most exciting new DVD releases. … [Read more...]