Archives for October 4, 2007

Gosh Golly… a Facebook Group!

A fine fellow named Karl Weston Magnuson has gone and started a Through a Screen Darkly Facebook group!Thanks, Karl! Good to meet you! … [Read more...]

At the NWCSI-CTABC Convention

Today, I tried to sum up some of the ideas in Through a Screen Darkly to an overcrowded - and quickly overheated - room full of high school teachers at the NWCSI-CTABC convention in Lynden, Washington.The notes I'd prepared... well, I thought that they just might be enough to cover a 95-minute seminar. As it turns out, I only got halfway through them. It's funny how the presence and participation of listeners can change your plans. Their examples and questions brought to mind all kinds of … [Read more...]