Archives for October 7, 2007

I’m coming to L.A. …

... for the City of Angels Film Festival, October 26-28.Anybody else going to be there? If so, send me a note! … [Read more...]

John Carter from Pixar

Looks like another Pixar project is moving forward.Check out the news at this Edgar Rice Burroughs site. Looks like Andrew Stanton, the genius who helmed Finding Nemo, is involved.[UPDATE: Peter T. Chattaway considers what a trailblazing effort this would be for Pixar.] … [Read more...]

Looking Closer in the Foursquare Church

Notes on Through a Screen Darkly in a Foursquare Church publication: Overstreet must go far beyond the obvious and the traditional to show how spiritual issues are raised or that God can be seen in some of Hollywood's most unlikely films. And he contends that we can learn from the good in movies as well as the bad. ... Though some readers will find Overstreet's views controversial, others will find it rich fodder for discussion of relevant topics faced in the world today. … [Read more...]