Archives for October 19, 2007

Looking Forward to “Where the Wild Things Are”

When I was a kid, one of my favorite storybooks was...Wait, let me start again.One of my favorite storybooks is Where the Wild Things Are. (Forget the part about "when I was a kid." It's still true. If a story is good, a reader will never "outgrow" it.)But there is not nearly enough in Maurice Sendak's surreal book to fill a feature film. Thus, I have felt apprehensive, even depressed, over the inevitability of a revised and embellished full-length movie version. After seeing Ron … [Read more...]

Jesse James, Stardust, Away from Her, Zodiac, The Lives of Others, Outsourced, Into Great Silence… a roundtable discussion.

In the latest discussion at The Kindlings Muse, Dick Staub stirs up discussion of new releases, DVDs and "films everybody should see."I had the privilege of being at that round table, along with Jennie Spohr, film producer and producer of The Kindlings Muse, and Stefan Ulstein, professor of film at Northwest University and author of Growing Up Fundamentalist. … [Read more...]