Archives for October 20, 2007

A Moment, Yesterday…

So, there I was.Sitting at my desk, writing a movie review for Response magazine's website.Out the window in front of me, the courtyard was thrashing in October wind and rain. Leave of extraordinary colors were breaking free and forming a dance of intertwining cyclones.Students dashed by on their way to class.One student, a woman I have never seen before, passed by. She was leaning forward and intent on her way to class. But as she passed me, she paused and thought for a moment. … [Read more...]

St. Vincent – Marry Me

What have the women of Sufjan Stevens' band been smoking?Last year, Shara Worden burst onto the scene as My Brightest Diamond, with such fierce imagination and spirit that you wondered how she could have possibly been anybody's backup singer without blowing everybody else offstage. The debut, Bring Me the Workhorse, is still one of my favorite albums of the last few years.And now we find out there were two of them. … [Read more...]

Bruce Springsteen with Arcade Fire

If you can ignore the dumbass psycho-fans shouting the most ridiculous things they can imagine into the camera's microphone...then you might get a bit of a thrill by watching Bruce Springsteen join The Arcade Fire for: … [Read more...]