Archives for November 2, 2007

Steven Greydanus’s Turbulent Mailbox

My friend and colleague Steven Greydanus also happens to be one of my favorite film critics. And like the interesting "Christian hate mail" I describe in my book Through a Screen Darkly, Greydanus gets plenty of amazing (and disgusting) mail in his mailbox too.You can check out his latest batch of questions-and-answers here. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Sheridan Voysey talks with me about great movies that can change lives.

You can now download the podcast of Sheridan Voysey's radio program where I discussed the power of movies with him a couple of weeks ago. (I mentioned this broadcast a few days back.)Of the many on-air conversations about movies I've enjoyed, this was one of my favorites. … [Read more...]

Theme of the year? “The End is Near”

It seems that almost every year, there are one or two themes that emerge on the big screen... themes so persistent and vigorously investigated that you wonder if somebody somewhere called a meeting and planned for the films to correspond.Last week, I realized what I would argue to be this year's most prominent theme: The elusive nature of evil. No matter what folks try to accomplish, the dark side is getting the better of things, and escaping every strategy we devise... if we even get around … [Read more...]

Specials: Auralia Meets Graeme; Gaffney on CAFF; Chattaway on Faith/Film

I'm going back into a period of intense imagining, polishing up the sequel to Auralia's Colors. So, offline I'll be rather antisocial for the next few weeks, and my blogging may slow down a bit.By the way, did I mention that I'll send you autographed copies of Auralia's Colors if you want to give them as Christmas presents? Just follow the instructions.Or, if you prefer not to have any ink scrawled on the title page, just pick them up at your local bookstore, or online at Amazon and Barne … [Read more...]

Pay What You Can for Paste Magazine!

This just in: Taking a cue from Radiohead, Paste is now letting you pay whatever you want for a one-year subscription. You name your own price for 11 issues of the magazine plus 11 free CDs (one in each issue!).Visit and follow the banners to name your price!Normally, a one-year subscription is $19.95, and it would cost more than $60 to buy each issue from the newsstand all year. But for a limited time, YOU get to chose how much Paste is worth. (You can give … [Read more...]