Archives for November 15, 2007

And Sometimes My Email Cheers Me Up

And sometimes, I get email that makes my day. And from total strangers! Hello, my name is Michael Kane.I just finished reading Auralia's Colors and I must say I'm impressed.For the last year I've worked at a christian bookstore, and must admit I get tired of the mediocre stories and writing that so proliferates the market today.As someone who whet my teeth on Lewis, Tolkien, and MacDonald, it can be hard to swallow a lot of what is publishers claim is fiction.I saw one brief ad … [Read more...]

Linford Detweiler Tells Over the Rhine’s “Made in America” Story

At Paste, Linford Detweiler slips into that storytelling voice that fans of Over the Rhine know and love, and he vividly illustrates the events leading up to his career as a songwriter, to the recording of The Trumpet Child, and to the arrival of a song about Tom Waits. … [Read more...]