Archives for November 18, 2007

Specials: No Country for Old Men, The Golden Compass, and Tim Burton

The Coens and The Golden Compass You can now download my conversation with radio show host Paul Edwards as we discuss the Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men... and then the controversy surrounding The Golden Compass.-The Coens... They're Not NihilistsAmong people who write about movies, few writers capture my attention as consistently as the insightful Matt Zoller Seitz.And now he's eloquently making an argument for what I've always believed about the Coen Brothers: That, for … [Read more...]

David Lynch Lecture in Germany Goes Bananas

There's nothing unusual about David Lynch lecturing about transcendental meditation. He does that all the time.But watch what happens during his lecture in Germany.This is very unusual, and a rather shocking development in Lynch's career... and in the history of filmmaker lectures. … [Read more...]