Archives for November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Madeleine L’Engle and C.S. Lewis!

Thanks to Martin Stillion for pointing out that today is the birthday of two writers whose work has been an inspiration to me since childhood.I wish I had been able to present them with copies of Auralia's Colors in person, as a gesture of gratitude and evidence that their testimonies, ideas, and stories have changed my life dramatically. … [Read more...]

Controversy Aside: Is The Golden Compass a Good Movie?

My review of The Golden Compass will be posted here on opening day. You might want to wait before you order tickets, unless you plan to see it no matter what critics say.Apparently the Times Online doesn't have to respect¬†the studio's rules about publishing reviews early. Their reviewer went to the star-studded premiere last night and was not swayed by the hype. He refers to the movie as ... Weitz's spectacular shambles. The books weave a magic that the film simply cannot ma … [Read more...]

Chattaway’s Email Conversation with “Golden Compass” Author Philip Pullman

Peter T. Chattaway has a new article about The Golden Compass up at even more interesting... here is the transcript of his email interview with author Philip Pullman.If there is anybody out there agreeing with Donna Frietas... that The Golden Compass is a work of deep Christian theology... I recommend you consider the things Pullman says in this interview.Plus, Pullman says a few things about his upcoming work, in which he says he'll be saying "a whole … [Read more...]