Archives for February 6, 2008

When Will a Pixar Movie Win Best Picture?

Watch this, think back to the lasting excellence of Pixar's productions, and ask... what will it take for one of their films to be treated with the kind of respect Juno's receiving?More about Pixar's power here. … [Read more...]

Cuss words, James Dobson, John McCain, and Dubya

And while I'm directing traffic to Peter Chattaway's blog......let me hand the microphone to him again. Chattaway links to a story about why James Dobson won't vote for John McCain. Why? Well, there are several reasons related to policy, but there's also one that might surprise you. (Or it might not.) Apparently the ex-Navy man has been known to use a cuss word now and then.Chattaway links to The Atlantic's Ross Douthat, who offers the obvious response to that point (although I'm glad … [Read more...]