Archives for February 14, 2008

Mill Creek, WA: Here Comes Auralia

When I was a kid, my idea of a great Friday night on the town involved going to the library and assembling a stack of storybooks so immense that my mom had to help me carry them to the counter.So it's a thrill to be invited again to read at a public library. … [Read more...]

The Browser 2/14: Derrickson on U23D. Patrice Leconte. Hobbit. Pics.

Scott Derrickson on U23DFilmmaker Scott Derrickson found some time in the middle of his hard work on The Day the Earth Stood Still to comment on my euphoric reaction to U23D. He writes: I had a very similar experience Jeffrey. The new Technology is astounding, and I now understand why Cameron is obsessed with it. It's a new kind of cinema. There is no frame. It's not something you watch, it's something you're IN. And like you, I'm so glad the experience of the technology was matched by the … [Read more...]

You’ll Believe a Moviegoer Can Fly.

Once in a great while, I have a dream in which I can fly like Superman. When it happens, it's extremely vivid. I feel wind, gravity, and a fearless thrill of soaring high over the city and then swooping down to tease the rooftops or the treetops or the surface of the ocean.Nothing in my waking life creates quite the same feeling.Well... it hasn't until now. … [Read more...]