Archives for February 22, 2008

My Oscar predictions, Christian Oscars(?), and Left Behind

If "Falling Slowly" from Once¬†doesn't win, it's just another confirmation that the Academy voters don't know anything about good songwriting. (Remember when Celine Dion's Titanic¬†histrionics beat Elliott Smith's Good Will Hunting song?)But okay, enough already. I never do very well at this game, but as a film critic, I'm required to submit my predictions for Sunday night's glamour-bash. So here we go... … [Read more...]

Tired of Debates and Campaigns? Imagine “If a Song Could Be President”

Listen to this Election Year's theme song: Go to Over the Rhine's MySpace page and listen to "If a Song Could Be President."Then, read the latest update on Over the Rhine from Linford Detweiler. … [Read more...]