Archives for February 22, 2008

My Oscar predictions, Christian Oscars(?), and Left Behind

If "Falling Slowly" from Once doesn't win, it's just another confirmation that the Academy voters don't know anything about good songwriting. (Remember when Celine Dion's Titanic histrionics beat Elliott Smith's Good Will Hunting song?)But okay, enough already. I never do very well at this game, but as a film critic, I'm required to submit my predictions for Sunday night's glamour-bash. So here we go... … [Read more...]

Tired of Debates and Campaigns? Imagine “If a Song Could Be President”

Listen to this Election Year's theme song: Go to Over the Rhine's MySpace page and listen to "If a Song Could Be President."Then, read the latest update on Over the Rhine from Linford Detweiler. … [Read more...]