Archives for February 26, 2008

The Faith and Film Critics: Preparing the Best of 2007 Awards

Thanks to Ron Reed for making it public!This year's nominees for the best films of 2007 according to the Faith and Film Critics Circle are quite surprising! That is to say, when the critics were polled, their favorite narrative films did not include one of the titles you'd most expect to see there. You'll see what I mean in the list below. The winners will be announced next week.Who are the Faith and Film Critics Circle? Find out here.¬†I managed this endeavor for a while, an … [Read more...]

Why the Academy’s Foreign Language Film Oscar is a Joke

¬†Thanks to the Oscars, a few moviegoers will rush out to see The Counterfeiters, feeling adventurous for taking time out for the Best Foreign Language Film of the year. But here's a saddening bit of information: The award won by The Counterfeiters doesn't mean a thing.Why? … [Read more...]

Culture.ish discovers “Auralia’s Colors”

Thanks to reviewer Jason Panella for his thoughtful look at Auralia's Colors at Culture.ish. … [Read more...]

What Was It You Wanted?

¬†Jean Bethke Elshtain, in Books and Culture, contemplates Todd Haynes' film about Bob Dylan -- I'm Not There -- and Andrew Dominick's film about a different, but similarly enigmatic, hero -- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. And she contemplates the resilient ghosts of both Dylan and James, digging deep into the questions we confront as we pursue both elusive figures. … [Read more...]