Did Richard Dawkins Just Crash the Party at a Screening of “Expelled”?

UPDATE 4/22: I'm so pleased with Greg Wright's balanced, non-hysterical review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, that I've asked permission to repost it here at Looking Closer. Greg consented. Here's his review! UPDATE: 4/16: Comments for this post are closed now, due to misbehaving participants. But further discussion is getting started at Mark Shea's blog and at Arts and Faith. - - - - - - - - - - - ORIGINAL POST: Did Richard Dawkins just crash the party at a screening of … [Read more...]

Farewell to Paul Scofield

The great Paul Scofield, one of my favorite actors, has died. Here's a glimpse of his Oscar-winning turn in A Man for All Seasons: Watch for Scofield opposite Mel Gibson in Zefferlli's version of Hamlet, which I've always liked: Tributes are being collected at GreenCine Daily. … [Read more...]