Archives for March 26, 2008

A Notable Follow-up to the Dawkins/Expelled Post

After the "letter to the editor" post regarding Richard Dawkns, P.Z. Myers, and Expelled -- the post that suddenly doubled my previous "best-day" record here at Looking Closer (10,000 visitors in less than 14 hours) -- I'm still recovering from the mountain of angry mail that came in.Most of it consisted of people taking cheap shots at Stuart Blessman for his post. (He later went on to blog about it here.)Very few actually dealt with the movie itself. Most of it argued that Blessman was … [Read more...]

Update from New Orleans

It's a warm, sunny, breezy day here in New Orleans.¬†And I'm enjoying it immensely. I had a tasty, huge meal of crawfish (four different ways), crab (stuffed), and barbecue shrimp pasta last night at Deanie's Seafood.Last night's stroll down Bourbon Street was¬†wild and crazy.¬†I first heard the term "Storyville" when, as a much younger fellow, I first heard Robbie Robertson's album of that title. I'll have to revisit that record now. While that nickname apparently has a colorful history, and … [Read more...]