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NY Times: Ten Great Christian Rock Songs

It's not hard to demonstrate that Christian rock is often... even usually... cheesy, derivative, and shallow. Much of it sounds like commercials for Jesus rather than artistic endeavor.But there are exceptions, although I'd prefer to take the modifier "Christian" off of those songs and just call them Songs... Good Songs.On April 16, The New York Times ran a column by Daniel Radosh, who identifies himself as a secular Jew, author of Rapture Ready: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of … [Read more...]

Good News, Bad News from the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing

Good news:I had an extraordinary time at Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing. So many new friends, so many books signed, so many inspiring encounters and lectures and conversations! My friend Stephen Lamb has been blogging about his experiences there.Bad news:My laptop blew up. Yes. With smoke and everything.So, I'll be back with more details and regular blogging soon, but it'll be slow for a while here.... … [Read more...]