Archives for May 12, 2008

Unbearable “Noise”; CGI vs. Ye Olde Fashioned Way

I watched Noise last week. I was assigned to review it. I was excited, because it came from writer-director Henry Bean. Bean made The Believer in 2001, an intriguing movie about a neo-Nazi starring Ryan Gosling a few years back. But alas, I should have looked closer. Bean also wrote Basic Instinct 2.Sure enough, Noise is awful. The more I watched, the more I was frightened by what happened to me. While the central character slowly descended into madness and rage, so I too descended into … [Read more...]

Is the World Going to Hell in a Handbasket? Let’s Hear From Gregory Wolfe.

Image's Gregory Wolfe, with a little help from Annie Dillard, starts Monday morning off right, asking, "Is the end near?"I feel a responsibility to alert you whenever my favorite Annie Dillard book, For the Time Being, is quoted online. … [Read more...]

Reader!!!! Mail!!!!

This week's blue-ribbon-winning letter from a reader comes in response to my review of No Country for Old Men, which was published at CTMovies.The reader writes: … [Read more...]