Archives for June 16, 2008

Focus on the Family’s Ted Slater Tells Christianity Today to “Repent.” Peter Chattaway Responds.

Same song, second verse. … [Read more...]

Stan Winston, Designer of the Terminator, Dead at 62.

Did you flinch when Edward Scissorhands reached out? That was Stan Winston. Did your stomach turn when The Thing tore apart its victims? That was Stan Winston. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Music Reviewer Speaks

Andy Whitman, my favorite writer at Paste Magazine, delivered a lecture at the Trinity Arts Conference last week.I missed it. My work schedule prevented me from attending, and it hurt to miss out. Nobody writes about music with more passion than Andy. And few can draw from such a wealth of experience in listening closely. I've discovered a great deal of excellent music from following Andy's journeys. And it is a privilege to call him a friend.God bless him, he just gave me permission to … [Read more...]

The Movie That Harry Can’t Tell You About. Plus: Win a Wall-E poster!

Is this the year that an animated movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture?Here's hoping... … [Read more...]