Archives for June 18, 2008

Reader Mailstrom, 6/18: “Your reviews are no longer of value to the Christian community.”

I'm starting a new column, chronicling stand-outs from the daily maelstrom of Looking Closer email.Most of these letters are real. Some of them are amalgalms of a variety of messages. Some of them are what I read between the lines of the things readers really wrote.Each installment of Reader Mail-strom will be updated over the course of the day, so check back to see if I've responded to you.•READER: Thanks for your blog about Ted Slater's over-the-top attacks on CT's review of S … [Read more...]

What I Saw Today

Apparently, it's fairly unusual to find a hummingbird nest... … [Read more...]

Brian Volck Discovers “There Will Be Blood”

Brian Volck saw There Will Be Blood for the first time on DVD.That's too bad, as it was a riveting big-screen experience.But Volck does not appear to have suffered much. He was, to borrow the term my friend Brandon Fibbs employed when he first saw the movie, "gobsmacked." … [Read more...]