Archives for June 26, 2008

Don’t Read Roger Ebert’s WALL-E Review!

Much as I hate to say this about the work of my favorite mainstream film critic... … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Employees at Focus on the Family and Boundless

Focus on the Family has yet to apologize for, or express affirmation for, the misleading headline at its Boundless blog: "Christianity Today Relishes Sexual Perversion" If you're tired of reading about this — and I wouldn't blame you, I'm certainly sick of thinking about it — please move on.But something's been nagging at me. And I have questions for anyone who works at Focus on the Family. Does anybody at Focus, or their magazine Plugged In, or Boundless, read this blog? Let me know. … [Read more...]

WALL•E: Talking with Andrew Stanton, and the Film Forum Reviews

As I sat braced for my ten-minute conversation with Andrew Stanton, the writer and director of my favorite Pixar movie, Finding Nemo, I tried to imagine how I might make something useful out of such a short span of time.I was a bit anxious about meeting one of my heroes. There was so much I wanted to say to thank him. Not many entertainers can cast a spell over audiences of children and adults the way Stanton can — only a few other names come to mind: Jim Henson, Brad Bird, and once upon a t … [Read more...]

Schweitzer in the Spotlight

There's an Albert Schweitzer biopic on the way: Theologian, philosopher, musician, and Nobel Peace Prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer is getting another biopic, once again titled: Schweitzer.Variety reports that Jeroen Krabbe (Immortal Beloved) and Barbara Hershey have signed on to star in British director Gavin Millar's film, joining the ranks of Judith Godreche, Samuel West, Jeanette Hain, Jonathan Firth (Colin's brother), and Armin Rohde. Set in 1949, the biopic focuses on the … [Read more...]

Christianity Today Relishes Trash, Waste, Environmental Destruction, and Obesity

In other words...Christianity Today film critic Josh Hurst *loves* WALL-E! … [Read more...]