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Rod Dreher Gets WALL-E

Woo hoo!Rod Dreher's review of WALL-E has me ready to run out and see it a third time. Or write a book about it. Or something.The following contains SPOILERS, so don't say I didn't warn you... … [Read more...]

Reader mailstrom, 7/05: When An Angry Atheist Attacks!

[UPDATE: I have received a note of apology from Steven, who submitted the letter that I responded to below. My thanks to Steven for his humble reply.]I just received a letter from "a proud atheist" named Steven. He begins the letter with this quotation: "In fact, Nazi Germany is the thread that ties everything in the movie together. Evolution leads to atheism leads to eugenics leads to Holocaust and Nazi Germany." - Christianity Today film critic Jeffrey Overstreet" Steven even included a … [Read more...]