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Browser, 7/14: Melissa Etheridge Apologizes to Phil Keaggy; Mattingly on Russert & Catholicism; Sixpence on Letterman; Parks on “4 Months…”; Jonn Woo’s “Red Cliff”; Name That Singer

ETHERIDGE CLEARS THE AIRWere you following this tempest in a teacup?Melissa Etheridge was recently quoted in Rolling Stone in a way that gave readers a bad impression of guitarist Phil Keaggy.  The quote made it sound like Keaggy had once made a disparaging remark about Etheridge's sexual orientation, a remark that steered her clear of pursuing a career in Christian music.Keaggy responded.And now, Etheridge has spoken to clear the whole matter up. That was a gracious gesture, and … [Read more...]

Joe Morgenstern: WALL-E for Best Picture!

Film criticJoe Morgenstern says exactly what I was thinking after I saw WALL-E the first time... and the second time... … [Read more...]

1969 interview: John Lennon Says He Wanted Beatles to Focus on Jesus

Here's a link to the Telegraph article on the first broadcast of a 1969 interview with John Lennon that contains some surprising statements about his appreciation for Jesus. … [Read more...]

Stephen Lamb reports on Sixpence None the Richer’s live show

Thanks to Stephen Lamb for writing up this report for Looking Closer on Sixpence live! … [Read more...]