Archives for August 29, 2008

This Doesn’t Happen Every Day…

I had a remarkable encounter at my neighborhood's best coffee shop: Hotwire Online Coffeehouse.Hotwire sells copies of Auralia's Colors (God bless them!) And this morning, a woman who had purchased a copy asked me to sign her book for her as-yet-unborn daughter.Wow.Even more interesting: She'd already decided to name her daughter Aurelia.But after she finished the book, she changed the spelling of the name to match my character... Auralia.Good heavens.I hope little … [Read more...]

Introducing… The Curator!

Ladies and gentlemen... The Curator, an adventurous foray into examinations of art and culture, courtesy of the International Arts Movement, with my friend Alissa Wilkinson at the helm! The Curator is a web publication of International Arts Movement (IAM), which announces the signs of a ‚Äúworld that ought to be‚Äù as we find it in our midst, and seeks to inspire people to engage deeply with culture that enriches life and broadens experience.In keeping with IAM‚Äôs belief that artistic excel … [Read more...]