Archives for September 4, 2008

Image Artist of the Month: Wim Wenders

This month, Image Journal's Artist of the Month isfilmmaker Wim Wenders.As one who was formerly selected, I can promise Mr. Wenders that his fame will now skyrocket, and he'll never have to worry about paying bills again!All kidding aside... Wenders is one of my heroes. He's been on Image's advisory board for years, and is a good friend to publisher Greg Wolfe. He directed my all-time favorite film, Wings of Desire, and has recently been collaborating with writer/director Scott … [Read more...]

Mercy! I’m in The Washington Times today!

Wow. I make what may be my first-ever online comment about Bill Maher, and I end up in The Washington Times!These World Wide Webs... they're just full of surprises. … [Read more...]