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Still Walking (2008) – A Guest Review by Kenneth R. Morefield

Kenneth R. Morefield has just turned in a review of his favorite film of the Toronto International Film Festival.So it's now very near the top of my must-see list for now...- … [Read more...]

David Foster Wallace; The Curator; Robert Bresson

REMEMBERING WALLACE (OR, PERHAPS, DISCOVERING HIM)Lots and lots of David Foster Wallace links! Read, be amazed, and be even more distraught over the loss of an imaginative writer. And McSweeney's is paying tribute as well.-CURATOR TWO: CURATORERThere's a new batch of articles at The Curator: Here are some teasers:Caramel is the saddest thing.Michael Chabon, blogging, writer's block, and learning to speak the truth.Can a video game help us regain community?Vassar … [Read more...]