Archives for October 14, 2008

Beauty… Open to the Public!

Tomorrow, you are invited to visit Seattle Pacific University for a day of free lectures, open to the public, on the subject of BEAUTY.You can attend any that you like. Here's the program: … [Read more...]

“Cyndere’s Midnight” is threatening marriages?!

A dismaying post from Sean Gaffney in L.A.!Oh, and by the way, I had the pleasant surprise of an encounter with Cyndere's Midnight reader Jessica Ribera at church on Sunday. She came running up to happily report that she had "dreamed of the Keeper! There were tracks on the ground, and everything!" If you've read Auralia's Colors and Cyndere's Midnight, you'll know the significance of this. The Keeper lives... (in dreams, anyway). … [Read more...]