Archives for November 12, 2008

Win an Auralia Thread poster!

So... I spilled the beans and mentioned that I have some glorious new posters for The Auralia Thread.And I'm planning to give away ten of them.Want one?Come up with one of the ten most creative blog posts about Auralia's Colors or Cyndere's Midnight.Here are the guidelines:It must be new, not a re-post of something you've done before. It must introduce readers to Auralia's Colors and/or Cyndere's Midnight in a creative fashion, giving them some idea about the book. It … [Read more...]

And the Slater Award goes to…

On Christianity Today's "Feedback" page, you'll see a wide range of responses to Peter T. Chattaway's review of the film Save Me.Read the review.Then read the responses.Quite a variety of responses there. Some show evidence that the writers actually read Chattaway's review. (And you can bet that there were plenty of other letters CT found unfit to print.)But the Ted Slater award* goes to Ron F. Wagley, who says: Your review of Save Me leaves me saddened that you endorse this … [Read more...]