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Welcome to the new all-in-one site for Looking Closer.Looking for the blog? It's called "The Journal."Looking for reviews? We're transferring them as fast as we can. Most of the film reviews are up, but the music reviews... well... we've barely scratched the surface there yet. Please be patient.Looking for information on my books? You'll find it, although there's still a lot of organizing to do.Many many more features are in the works.If you need access to a particular review … [Read more...]

Man on Wire (2008) – A Reflection

[This reflection on Man on Wire was originally published at Good Letters, the daily blog for Image.]• In a photograph from her recent wedding, my friend Tara stands on one side of the empty dance floor. On the other, Bryan, her groom, leans forward in his chair. Tara is about to reach out her hand in a gesture of invitation. No doubt about it—he’s ready to respond. Their gazes are locked in a fierce line. The tension in that open space is palpable. Complicated histories, differing citize … [Read more...]

Make your case: Why We Love WALL-E.

It's the most joyous time of the year.Yes, I'm talking about Oscar season. … [Read more...]