Archives for November 28, 2008

Greydanus on Twilight-mania; Ebert on the CelebCult

Steven Greydanus offers an insightful interpretation of the Twilight phenomenon. Now that's what I'm talking about!-Roger Ebert: Death to Film Critics! Hail to the CelebCult!  … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Margaret D. Smith, Poet and Author of “Holy Struggle” and “Barn Swallow”

TWO POEMS BY MARGARET D. SMITH Pavel talks to me over lunchMy farmhouse is away, so far from Prague there are no planes, not even cars.You can hear everything that way. The pigeons make love on rooftops,workers talk in fields, bees make sounds like music far off.My grandfather loved bees. He left Prague to live in that farmhouseto raise bees: bees in boxes, bees in fields. When he died he left me his farmhouse.The first time I stepped inside after he was … [Read more...]

Through a Screen Darkly – Bonus Commentary – The Court Jester of Christian Rock

Christian Culture's Court Jester: A Note of Thanks to Steve Taylor This reflection on the work of Steve Taylor was originally intended as part of the chapter on comedy in Through a Screen Darkly. • Directed by the Court Jester of Christian Rock As a teenager, I was disillusioned with the relentless, unflinching solemnity and superficiality of most contemporary Christian music. A great deal of what I heard on Christian radio amounted to a tiresome program of redundant, shallow praises; d … [Read more...]