Archives for December 12, 2008

“Sexiest Man Alive” to host Oscars

Story here.I was hoping for Eddie Izzard.Or Stephen Colbert.Or John Stewart again.Oh well. Now I know that my wife will watch the Oscars with me, for a change. … [Read more...]

Doubt (2008)

Jeffrey Overstreet's initial comments on Doubt are posted at Image. … [Read more...]

Frost/Nixon (2008)

My initial comments on Frost/Nixon are posted at Image.An expanded review will be published soon. … [Read more...]

Frost vs. Nixon vs. Sister Aloysius

My comments on Frost/Nixon and Doubt are up at Image.An expanded version of this entry will be posted here soon. … [Read more...]

Be inspired!

I am trying to complete Cal-raven's Ladder, which is a sort of Pilgrim's Progress tale alongside an exodus story, without any "inspirational speech to the people scene." There have just been too many of those scenes in adventure and fantasy films.Having said that, if you need inspiration today, I recommend you start here:httpv:// … [Read more...]