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A 20th Anniversary event… and you’re invited to read every word.

All in one issue.Gregory Wolfe on Tarkovsky's Stalker Franz Wright Makoto Fujimura Tim Rollins Robert Cording Ron Hansen Stanley Hauerwas Christian Wiman Ted & Cathy Prescott Scott Cairns Harold Fickett and... Sam Phillips (interviewed by yours truly)You'll get this 20th Anniversary Issue of Image free when you subscribe: here. … [Read more...]

Ender’s Game goes into overtime. Family films 2009. Is Jesus in your heart?

The LA Times on Orson Scott Card's Ender series ... and the ongoing saga of an Ender movie that never gets made. (Have I ever told you I have a nephew named Ender... named for Card's character?) Again, thanks to Chattaway. -Cinematical muses over the upcoming year's crop of family-friendly films.- Stephen Lamb on why Jesus doesn't live in his heart. (Or something like that.) … [Read more...]

Because You Asked: Why I Didn’t Dance at the End of “Slumdog Millionaire”

Pop quiz:Which popular 2008 release features this exchange? “Come away with me.” “And live on what?” “Love.” Is it: A) Slumdog Millionaire B) Twilight C) Frost/Nixon D) Waltz with Bashir The answer? … [Read more...]