Archives for January 13, 2009

Response Time!

At long last, the new issue of Response is here.Yes, this is what I do at my day job. All day, almost every day. I work with an amazing and inspiring team of writers, editors, photographers, and freelancers. It looks like a university marketing piece, but that's far too narrow a definition for it. It's a magazine about faith, culture, and every discipline that students at SPU explore. It's not about us -- it's about the world, as seen through the eyes of folks at Seattle Pacific.I get … [Read more...]

Browser: Scott Cairns. “Fireproof.” “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

A new Scott Cairns poem is posted at the Denver Literary Examiner, one of several included in the new issue of Poetry. Cairns also has new poems in the new 20th anniversary issue of Image.-Did the recent movie Fireproof inspire you or change your life?Have you been waiting for me to publish a review of it?If so, forgive me. I missed a lot of movies in 2008, and that was one of them.I was recently informed that, since I write reviews for Christian readers, Christian readers … [Read more...]

Preach It, Andrew Stanton!

Andrew Stanton, writer/director of WALL•E, accepting the award for Best Picture from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association last night: It's huge for us, huge. We've been trying since Toy Story to just make a film, and not have the word animated suddenly stick it in a different box. I mean to us, it's no different than choosing black and white or color on something. So, that shouldn't dictate the content. And, it's nice to just finally break the glass ceiling. … [Read more...]