Archives for February 6, 2009

The Reviews of Steven D. Greydanus

Movie critics (and this includes me) are too easily tempted into being snarky, sarcastic, and arrogant. We rush to be the first to call things "the best" this, and "the most" that, and the ___________ of the year, and the __________ to beat in 2009, and a _____________ like no other.I'm wearying more and more of critics who merely shout about what they don't like, or who pretend the authority to make claims about a film's place in history before it has even opened in theaters, even as I … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert on truth-telling, religion, politics, and “The Reader”

Ebert has just published one of his most thought-provoking, personal, revealing commentaries. I hope you'll read the whole thing. … [Read more...]