Archives for February 10, 2009

Michelle Pfeiffer has Kevin Kline Syndrome

And now for a long and rambling note about something relatively unimportant and open to debate...Reading this review of Cheri, an upcoming Stephen Frears film that stars Michelle Pfeiffer, I felt a momentary surge of hope. But I've learned not to keep that hope in check... … [Read more...]

Help Andy Whitman, the world’s best music reviewer/columnist!

If you can find anybody who writes about music with more eloquence, passion, and historical knowledge than Andy Whitman, please let me know. He's my favorite. Nobody can send me running to spend money on music I haven't heard before like Andy can.Alas, Andy had bad news today. Like so many are hearing bad news this month.If you have any encouragement for him, or tips, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Prayers are good too. … [Read more...]