Archives for February 16, 2009

Today’s favorite: Reunion Scenes

I once experienced a reunion that left me absolutely speechless. I was working in a video store when I got to know an interesting young couple. Regularly, they'd visit the store and ask, "So, Jeff, what should we watch tonight?" I'd recommend something, and off they'd go without bothering to do any more browsing.Years later, I saw the fellow at a bus stop. He looked world-weary and a little lost. I asked him how he and his girlfriend were doing. His bus pulled up. He turned and looked at me … [Read more...]

CCSF Blog Tour Reads “Cyndere’s Midnight”

Many thanks to the bloggers of the CCSF Blog Tour who are commenting this week on Cyndere's Midnight, the sequel to Auralia's Colors!I've already participated in several email interviews for this tour, and I'm delighted to find that some of the bloggers seem to have enjoyed the story. That's encouraging me as I write myself closer and closer to the end of the third book this week.(Let me extend a special "thank you" to those bloggers who have spelled "Jeffrey" and "Auralia" correctly. … [Read more...]