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“Life of Pi” interests yet another talented director

First it was Jean-Pierre Jeunet.Then it was M. Night Shyamalan.Now, Variety reports, Ang Lee is considering Yann Martel's Life of Pi.Have you read it? Which director would you pick? It'll take someone with a poetic sensibility and a flair for fantasy. I'd certainly get in line for a Lee version. … [Read more...]

Browser: Passion of the Rourke. Horton Hears Ken Morefield. Decemberists. Frost/Nixon nixed. Milk of Sorrow. Leonard Cohen. Laura Gibson.

1. A.G. Harmon on The Wrestler and its reference to The Passion of the Christ.2. Ken Morefield on where Horton Hears a Who went wrong. Earlier: My own problems with that playful pachyderm..3. Frost/Nixon could have been done right, says Rick Olson. . . . The filmmakers could have gotten it right, but they chose to tell it wrong. There seems to have been an agenda at work that refused to recognize that the apology originated in the Nixon camp. The building up of Frost into a … [Read more...]

Nothing Compares to You

Cinematical posted this scene today, and I'm going to post it merely to demonstrate that there is nothing... nothing... in Oscar's Best Picture category this year  to compare to the acting, complexity, and achievement of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood.Still one of my favorite films of all time, and a brilliant work on the corruption of power in religion, politics, and business. … [Read more...]

Robert Treskillard’s Interview, and the CCSF Tour

Robert Treskillard, one of the bloggers for the CCSF Blog Tour, carried on an interview with me via email over the last several days, and today that interview is published on his site.Thanks for the thoughtful questions, Robert!More reviews are popping up here: … [Read more...]