Archives for February 20, 2009

Your First Impressions of U2’s New Album

While I'm waiting until March 3 so I can have my little U2 album-unwrapping ritual, I'd love to hear from you.Now that there's a way to hear the album early legally and with the band's blessing, what do you think of it?(You did see this news about today's MySpace release, didn't you?)Here's David Fricke's 5-star review in Rolling Stone, for whatever that's worth. … [Read more...]

Oscar predictions… With a Twist

Here are a few of my Oscar predictions, just for the fun of it.Note: These guesses are almost completely divorced from what I think *should* win this year. I won't bother with a full line of predictions because, frankly, I really don't care. The Academy blew it so badly this year, I don't want to guarantee a couple of hours of disgruntled snarling on Sunday night.So we're having some folks over to watch WALL-E and Shotgun Stories.In fact, if you want to see a handful of films that I … [Read more...]