Archives for February 22, 2009

I’d like to thank the Academy. For inspiring me to watch something else.

Tonight, every seat in my living room was full of movie fans.We had good food, good drinks, and an amazing chocolate-raspberry pie.But you know what we didn't do? … [Read more...]

Buddy Miller’s Emergency Surgery

Thanks to Josh Hurst for the news. It sounds like we should all say a prayer for Buddy Miller, and I'm sure we should pray for Julie too.Evidently, he's recovering from a heart attack and emergency surgery. … [Read more...]

Your Oscar Speech

Tonight, the millions who tune in to the Oscars will hear dozens of short speeches.A few people who have been blessed with incredible opportunities to do what they do best will go to the microphone, blink back tears, and thank the people who helped them do their work. While the Oscar winners will get the attention, their pictures plastered all over the news for the next 48 hours as if this statuette is actual confirmation that they are the best, the acceptance speeches will indicate, for a … [Read more...]