Archives for March 5, 2009

U2’s Best Performance in 2009 So Far…

Okay, now that you've seen the best, here's a bonus.And now, check out Cathleen Falsani's wonderful meditation on the album.Okay, one more. … [Read more...]

“Raven’s Ladder”: An Update

The new strand of The Auralia Thread will be called Raven's Ladder.I hope you like it. Tonight (all night) and tomorrow morning (all morning) I am packaging up my first draft for the editor. I have that familiar sensation of excitement and nerves and relief and apprehension...Anyway, that's what I'm doing tonight. What are you doing?You're watching the trailer for the new Jim Jarmusch film... at Twitch. … [Read more...]

The U2 Late Show Continues…

"Every generation gets a chance to change the world Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls Cos the sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear? The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear Oh, but a change of heart comes slow... It's not a hill, it's a mountain As you start out the climb Do you believe me, or are you doubting? We're gonna make it all the way to the light..." … [Read more...]

Doing our due Dillinger

The names Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are almost a guarantee of a quality motion picture. The name Michael Mann just about seals the deal. And this Untouchables-flavored trailer only throws fuel on the fire.But then, these two lines have grabbed my attention:"Robbin' banks is gettin' harder." "We're having too good a time today, we aren't even thinkin' about tomorrow."Suddenly, this "period piece" doesn't seem quite so much like a genre exercise. It sounds ripped from the headlines. Is … [Read more...]