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What Movies Are in Your Top Ten List That Aren’t in Anyone Else’s? What Albums?

Looking Closer reader Tyler Petty just came up with a good idea for a discussion starter.I mentioned in my first installment of 140 Characters that the movie Midnight Run is on my list of personal, all-time top ten favorite films. I include that film for many reasons. Some of those reasons have to do with the film itself, and some have to do with the friendships in which the film played a memorable part.So Tyler suggested a conversation about what titles we'd include in our lists that … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Overstreet’s 140 Characters…. #1

Lately I've been thinking about how rare it is that I find myself thinking about a movie's main character.Usually, when I leave the theater, I'm already talking about the supporting character who won my attention. I think it's time to draw your attention to some of these memorable characters. Most of them are so intriguing, I'd love to see them lead their own TV series. They just have that magic that makes them irresistible. I can't get enough of them.And, since Twitter has made it clear … [Read more...]