Archives for July 23, 2009

Another “Munyurangabo” Fan. Guess Who.

If you visit this blog, you've probably read my various raves about the film Munyurangabo. … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Joe Henry’s “Blood from Stars”

Please put on your seatbelts and helmets: I'm reduced to blathering in the very superlatives that have been beaten senseless and slapped upon lesser albums, and I'm gonna throw them around. (Then, no doubt, I'll come crawling back to revise this, feeling rather embarrassed at my presumptuous claims and flamboyant outbursts.)* * *Joe Henry's Blood from Stars is a strong candidate for my Favorite Album of the... hmmm, yes, I'll say it... Decade. Right up there with Bob Dylan's Love and … [Read more...]