Archives for August 7, 2009

Congratulations, IMAGE!

Congratulations to Image journal for twenty years of standard-setting work.In the territory where art and faith intersect, no publication has produced a more profound body of work, nor boasted such an accomplished roster of writers and artists.Check out Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image, the beautiful, "best-of", hardbound anniversary volume. I have a copy already, signed by several great contributors. … [Read more...]

Thanks to the Team at Christianity Today

Just an FYI:Due to my present overload of writing responsibilities and other various pressures and stresses, I've decided to surrender my participation at CT Movies. My latest Through a Screen Darkly column, "Feasting on Films", will be my last contribution there for the foreseeable future (although I certainly won't close the door, as circumstances may change). … [Read more...]