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Washington Times on “Christian movies”

Reporter Bekah Grim of The Washington Times wanted to know why I don't get excited about "Christian movies."So I took a long, deep breath, tried to remain calm, tried to avoid R-rated language, and I told her. … [Read more...]

Are you ready to go back to James Cameron?

My review of Avatar is published at Image journal. … [Read more...]

Avatar (2009)

This review of Avatar was originally published at Image. Also recommended: Steven Greydanus's review at Decent Films.-If you didn’t have one, you had a friend who did: The Big Toybox.You know the one I mean: A wooden crate like the Ark of the Covenant, full of mystery and revelation. Opened and overturned, it set loose a tidal wave of miscellaneous pieces from a hundred different worlds spilled across the floor. Building blocks, LEGOs, Tinkertoys, adventure sets, action figures, pie … [Read more...]