Archives for September 13, 2010

Christianity Today’s Knockout Interview with Marilynne Robinson

This is the most thrilling stuff I've read at Christianity Today in a while.Great interview. I wish they'd made this a cover story. It's one of the most important conversations this magazine could offer its audience. But according to this, it's a web-only feature. I don't understand. Oh well... I guess they know better than I do what is important enough to put on the cover of the magazine. Why draw people's attention to a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author's profound views on reconciling science … [Read more...]

The Illusionist (2010) – a guest review by Kenneth Morefield

I'm grateful for this guest review submitted by Kenneth Morefield from the Toronto International Film Festival. Morefield has generously contributed reviews to this site from previous festivals, and I'm glad he thought of including in his coverage.Here, he writes about one of the films I'm eager to see for myself: The Illusionist... … [Read more...]