Archives for January 10, 2011

Muslims Unite to Protect Christians

How's that for a headline?In my opinion, the most beautiful news story of 2011 so far is... … [Read more...]

Rev. Tim Keller on the Creation/Evolution Debate

Some believers refuse to consider evolution as a possibility, saying that the idea of an evolutionary process is directly opposed to Christian faith.Others embrace the idea of the evolutionary process as a way through which God might have created, and still be creating, the world.Pastors face a difficult challenge. How to lead when views on this issue are so inflammatory and divisive? … [Read more...]

A Live Seattle event: Discuss Oscar’s 10 Best Picture Nominees with Dick Staub, Me, and Others.

Mark your calendars, Seattlites... … [Read more...]

Follow-up: The Rest of the Story Behind the “Man with the Golden Voice”

Remember my last post, in which I voiced some skepticism about the media frenzy surrounding Ted Williams, the homeless man with the "golden voice"? … [Read more...]