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Waste Land (2010)

This review was originally published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image, in December 2010.•In Rio de Janiero, there’s a saying that even Jesus turns his back on the poor.In a way it’s true. Early in Lucy Walker’s documentary Waste Land, a helicopter carries us around Christ the Redeemer, a white statue towering over Rio, arms outstretched embracing the wealthy of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Behind it, we descend into the world’s largest landfill—Jardim Gramacho. … [Read more...]

A Boxer and Some Briefs

Huh. Once in a while, my opinion of a movie aggravates other reviewers I really respect. That seems to have happened with The Fighter. Over at, there's been quite a long debate about the film.And now, today, my thoughts were quoted in an unexpected place. … [Read more...]

My First Great Moviegoing Experience of 2011

The first month of 2011 is wrapping up, and I must say that I've enjoyed having time to see movies again.I doubt I'll ever go back to the unhealthy pace of three or four movies a week that I suffered a few years back when I was reviewing films regularly. These days I can pick and choose, and write about those that inspire me instead of those that are assigned to me, and take the time to craft some thoughts about them that I won't want to completely revise a week later.It's a good … [Read more...]