Archives for March 12, 2011

IAM Encounter 11 Discovery #2: Rosebud Incarnation

What you're about to see is pretty incredible.First, watch some of this. It may be familiar to you: A clip from the 1943 film Till the Clouds Roll By., now you're ready for the real fireworks. Check this out... … [Read more...]

IAM Encounter 11 Discovery #1: The Johnny Cash Project

I saw two things on the big screen at IAM Encounter 11 in New York last week that I came home eager to share with you.Then I lost a whole week due to illness, and that isn't over yet. So I'm tired of waiting until I feel better. I'm just going to post them... … [Read more...]

Paul Simon’s Aim is True (According to Costello)

When Elvis Costello loves your album, well, what higher praise could you want?Paul Simon doesn't really need high praise from great songwriters anymore. And I've been hearing raves about his new album So Beautiful or So What for a while now.But my eagerness to have a copy and hear it on a good sound system just doubled... … [Read more...]

A Crash Diet and Convalescent Moviegoing: Jane Eyre and Please Give

I'm on Day Six of the worst stomach flu I've had in my life. Six days in bed, six days without food (besides Jello and a few Saltines), six days home from the office.But let's look at the bright side...I've needed to lose a few pounds. Done.And I've managed to see a couple of good films... … [Read more...]

Readings, Interviews, Reviews: The Ale Boy’s Feast is here at last!

Those who have pre-ordered The Ale Boy's Feast should have the book in a couple of days, and you'll find it in bookstores on Tuesday (if not earlier).Yes, we've come to the end of a long journey. A four-year journey for readers, a sixteen-year journey for me.Want to celebrate with me? … [Read more...]