Archives for March 26, 2011

See You on Friday, Chicago!

Last time I saw Chicago, it was 2003 and my mind was on the Cornerstone Festival, several hours west of the city.On Thursday evening, I'll arrive in Chicago again... … [Read more...]

Of Gods and Men: One of those movies we need, but few people really want.

I finally saw Of Gods and Men.The film received a rave review from my favorite film critic, Steven Greydanus, so it's been high on my list of must-see priorities.I'm so glad I spent a Saturday afternoon and eight bucks on it.It's a quiet, powerful film, profound and inspiring in its picture of faithful Christians. It may not be as poetic as, say, Babette's Feast, nor does it have a complex visual vocabulary like Ordet. It provides sufficient tours of the characters' surroundings to … [Read more...]