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In America (2004)

What's your favorite Fourth of July movie?If crowds and traffic will keep you away from big fireworks shows — those stressful ordeals turned me away from public places on the Fourth a long time ago — then I recommend you consider spending some time with Jim Sheridan's 2004 film about a family of Irish immigrants called In America.You can read an abridged version of my In America review at Paste.Or, if you want my in-depth look at the film, here's one from the archives. … [Read more...]

Truffin and Morefield on Chariots of Fire: Does God care who wins?

As a follow-up to my two-part post (1, 2) on revisiting Chariots of Fire, I want to share this lengthy discussion between my friends Ken Morefield and Todd Truffin from their podcast called The Thin Place.I like this episode's clever title. … [Read more...]

Spider-man (2002)

As the appropriately named Mark Webb's reboot of the webslinger franchise opens to record-breaking box office and ho-hum reviews, I thought I'd look back at my initial reactions to Sam Raimi's series.The more I think about Raimi's first Spider-man movie, which I found admirable but a little disappointing, the more I'm surprised by how it looks like a classic in retrospect. Superhero films have become so numerous since then, becoming an almost weekly event, this movie stands out for its sense … [Read more...]