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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Of Gods and Men made Steven Greydanus say that he felt like he had become a critic in order to be prepared to review that movie. I've only felt that way about a few films. Moonrise Kingdom is one of them. Here is my review, which was originally published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image. (All of the original comments are posted there.) … [Read more...]

Spider-man 2 (2004)

Here's a 2012 flashback to my original review of Spider-man 2, with a few small repairs and a couple of revisions for the sake of clarification. Lately, I've been lamenting the overabundance of superhero movies, their predictability, their over-seriousness, their revelry in excessive action and their lack of substantial storytelling. Revisiting my original reaction to Sam Raimi's super sequel, I find that my feelings haven't changed much. Spider-man 2 remains one of the few superhero films that … [Read more...]